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Pioneers in Industrial Networks

Vernetzen specialises in industrial networking, offering services and products that vary from end-to-end network solutions down to single unit deployments aimed at operational environments. 


Industrial Network Infrastructure

Network Distribution Board (NDB)

The Network Distribution Boards solve the problem of getting low and extra low-voltage power and network connections underground to operate an underground network.

The NDB are a combination of electrical and network componentry provided in a split door configuration. The enclosure separates the 1000VAC electrical components from the network components allowing access to the network equipment without requiring an electrician. The network switches are classed as distribution switches.


Industrial Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi over Coaxial (WoC)


The Wi-Fi over Coax (WoC) Mini Headend is a new approach to Industrial Mining Networks. It merges the reliability, affordability and flexibility of Ethernet and Wi-Fi with the connectivity and simplicity of Leaky Feeder. With better coverage, requiring fewer units and faster to deploy, the WoC is a cost-effective alternative.


  • Provides better blanket Wi-Fi coverage than a traditional Access Point (AP) based configuration.

  • Require fewer physical units to cover an equivalent Access Point based solution.

  • Utilise industry Wi-Fi standards for supportability.

  • Field-upgradeable to accommodate new standards.

  • Can be deployed alongside traditional Wi-Fi Access Points as part of a wider wireless network.

  • Improved speed to install - by using readily available electrical trades, using familiar tools/equipment and techniques.

  • Can be managed using the same network management tools and techniques as traditional APs.

OT Cybersecurity



  • Secure authenticated remote access VPN session to remote networks.

  • Allows secure network troubleshooting with total oversight of Network Owner.

  • Provides efficient troubleshooting method for IT specialists.

  • Allow external support providers to troubleshoot equipment issues in an efficient and secure manner.

  • Generic installation requirements with Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity;        18-75 V DC power.

  • No need to manage port-forwarding or firewall rulesets.

Vernetzen Veto is purposely designed to allow Network Owner's to confidently control third-party access to IP networks. 

The unique pre-authorisation process ensures networks are only accessible by third-parties on a case-by-case basis with the Network's Owner prior approval. Furthermore, access is finite in duration as the secure, cloud-based access tunnels are digitally destroyed on timeout or termination.



The continuous evolution of technology has resulted in a need for a highly capable and secure industrial network to support autonomy. At Vernetzen, we partner with you to co-design your industrial network to support control, diagnosis and safety systems



With years of experience in countless projects across multiple industries, we’re ready to take your business to the next level.

At Vernetzen, we combine our experience and capabilities help you design an industrial network that transforms your projects, processes, strategies, and in turn your company. We’re proud to help shape how leading companies plan and design their industrial network as a cornerstone for automation and autonomy solutions.



Many organisations recognize that traditional IT training is not practical for the emerging OT and IIoT areas. We provide OT training, delivering role-based training for managers, field staff (electricians, communications techs), operations and process/plant designers.

We also develop bespoke training courses tailored to your specifications.



Based on the combination of traditional engineering and network engineering disciplines, Vernetzen offers Cybersecurity risk assessments for partners with a focus on OT elements. These risk assessments primarily follow industry standards from NIST and ISO27001. 




Our VTOC monitor, detect, and remediate network faults or cyber threats across your industrial network.

The VTOC brings together the diverse skills and experience required for OT environments. We integrate seamlessly into a support model that suits your environment and operate with site-based resources to provide a complete level of support and ultimately increase total system availability.

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