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Training and Development

At Vernetzen, we understand the unique demands of OT and IIoT environments, and we are committed to providing tailored training programs to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our OT training is meticulously crafted to cater to various roles within industrial settings, ranging from managers to field staff, including electricians, communications technicians, and operations and process/plant designers.

Our Courses


OT Network Foundation

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OT Network Fundamental

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OT Network Specialist

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OT Network Foundation

Embark on a transformative journey into Operational Technology (OT) networks with our comprehensive course. Explore core responsibilities, hardware, and software landscapes driving OT networks. Understand distinctions between OT and IT networks, mastering unique network topology and power requirements. Learn remote access challenges and best practices for secure connectivity.

OT Network Fundamentals

Discover the fundamentals of Operational Technology (OT) networking through our extensive OT Network Fundamentals Course. Explore essential topics such as IP Addressing, VLAN setup, Wireless protocols, Quality of Service (QoS) application, Security protocols, network Topology design, and OT-specific Best Practices. Gain insights into the crucial role of Power over Ethernet (PoE) in managing power for connected devices.

OT Technology Specialist

Develop proficiency in installing manageable switches, establishing VLANs, and configuring trunk links between switches. Deepen your understanding of TCP/IP internet Layer, IPv4 addressing scheme, and subnetting. Our practical lab sessions will focus on configuring WoC (Wi-Fi over Coax) and comprehending its functionalities. Moreover, you'll learn to identify and troubleshoot common network issues related to WoC, Veto PNA, and IPv4 addressing.

What Our Clients Say

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Emil Viskovich

Understanding the content you were delivering to the users of Vernetzen products allows me to understand the level of technical skills the operators of vernetzen products should have. This would make remote support easier as one could assume the maintainers on site have a minimum knowledge standard.
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