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About Us

About Us

Vernetzen is an industrial network and cybersecurity innovator focused on delivering practical solutions to connect and secure industry across the globe.

Our technical team consists of a mix of electricians, IT programmers, network engineers and traditional engineers such as chemical, electrical and mechanical, providing the ideal spectrum of skills needed to understand Industrial Networks where engineering and IT converge.

Since 2013, Vernetzen has a track record of developing innovative solutions to complex problems that are designed with operations in mind to ensure solutions that are simple to install and easy to support using traditional site skillsets.


Our Approach

The meteoric rise of automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) has highlighted the need for seamless integration between the IT and OT worlds. At Vernetzen, we understand what it takes to adapt the OT environments to meet these rapidly evolving needs. The Vernetzen approach is to partner with clients to build, operate, maintain, and support OT environments by:

  • developing specialist industrial network tools,

  • providing training, and

  • co-designing solutions to ensure they are fit-for-purpose, secure and safe for industrial operations.


We Advise

Vernetzen utilises their own comprehensive blueprint for a modern industrial network that considers 4 key components:

  1. Inter-site connectivity and data centre networks

  2. People to Network

  3. Machine to Network

  4. Internet of Things (Emerging area of Industrial Internet of Things - IIoT).


We Implement

For Vernetzen, a key hallmark of a solution's success is its sustainability. With this core value in mind, implementation is tailored around a coordination, training and operations hand-over role that can be executed on or off-site depending on each site's needs.

We design.JPG

We Design

As with any successful solution, getting the design right is paramount for Vernetzen. Understanding the complexity of industrial networks requires electrical engineering, network engineering, process control and cybersecurity knowledge – all of which are embedded across the Vernetzen team ensuring we get the design right every time.


We Innovate

Vernetzen plans for the future. Our Research team is working on upgrade paths for our solutions to meet the needs of the next generation of industrial networks. In particular, those needed to support vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure solutions that will not only connect light and heavy autonomous vehicles for mining but across any industry.


We Build

At Vernetzen we leverage our understanding of the complexity of the OT environment and our diverse skill set to manufacture our own products to address OT technology gaps.

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