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Pioneers in Industrial Vehicle Networks

Vernetzen are world-class Innovation Experts developing products and solutions that enable safety and automation for vehicles in Mining and General Automotive industries.
Growing rapidly, servicing widely and recognised for our extensive expertise in Operational Technology (OT) networks cybersecurity and control systems.
Vernetzen's team consists of a mix of traditional Engineers, IT Engineers, Cybersecurity Analysts and Network Engineers that provide the ideal spectrum of skill sets for providing Advice, Engineering, Implementation and Support in the rapidly evolving automation environment.



Advice | Engineering | Implementation | Support

From our inception, Vernetzen has intentionally focused on Industrial Networks and Cybersecurity. In Process Control Networks, the rapid adoption of IP-based Industrial Ethernet devices (over legacy bus-type Modbus and Profibus networks) specifically designed to support Operational Technology (OT) has been a game changer. Coupled with the meteoric rise of Automated Vehicles the world of IT and OT has drawn even closer together.

Upskilling and Cross Skilling

New Skills for a New Era

We are entering a New Era of automation and AI and no other industries will see the rapid evolvement as distinct as Mining, Transport and Automotive. These technologies will enable increased safety, productivity and efficiency, but they will also require skill changes to be able to design, maintain and support these ever evolving technologies. Vernetzen's upskill program is targeted to address these skill shortages, click below to learn more.



Wi-Fi over Coax (WoC)

Vernetzen is an innovator in the Industrial and Vehicle Network space. All our products have emerged from an understanding of problems that was not appropriately addressed with existing solutions available in the marketplace. Click the button below to learn more about our products.


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