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Australian leaders and experts in delivering network solutions to support autonomous processes and equipment.

Industrial Networks


We help companies across various industries to plan and design their industrial networks from feasibility studies through to operations.

About Us

Vernetzen is an industrial network and cybersecurity specialist focused on delivering practical solutions to connect and secure industries across the globe. Our technical teams are committed to leading the change in the industrial networking space, where engineering and IT converge.

We partner with clients to build, operate, maintain, and support industrial networks by developing tools, providing training and co-designing solutions to ensure more secure and safer industrial network operations.

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Our comprehensive set of cybersecurity solutions are designed specifically to secure industrial networks.


Our Clients

Some of the world's largest resource companies that use Vernetzen products and services for their industrial network solutions.

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Our specializations

We specialize in providing industrial networking solutions, catering to a diverse range of needs from comprehensive network setups to individual unit installations tailored for operational settings. Our array of industrial products includes the Network Distribution Board (NDB), Wi-Fi over Coaxial (WoC), Veto PNA, and the Cybersecurity solution. In addition to our products, we offer a suite of services including Industrial Network Consultancy, Upskilling/Training, and Cybersecurity Risk Assessment.

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We understand the unique demands of OT and IIoT environments, and we are committed to providing tailored training programs to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our OT training is meticulously crafted to cater to various roles within industrial settings, ranging from managers to field staff, including electricians, communications technicians, and operations and process/plant designers. By customizing our training modules to align with specific job functions and responsibilities, we ensure that participants gain practical insights and skills that are directly applicable to their roles.

Empower surface and underground mining operations with our comprehensive solution, featuring reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. Seamlessly connect workers and equipment, optimizing communication and safety in challenging underground environments.

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