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ZenEye Platform

Improve monitoring capability of any communications asset with Vernetzen ZenEye Platform

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ZenEye Appliance and ZenEye Node complement each other to provide the monitoring capability that your company requires.

Vernetzen’s ZenEye Platform is equipped with advanced monitoring techniques that enables data collection and monitoring on new or existing networks and communications infrastructure. Legacy devices that may not have any monitoring capability can be easily integrated into the platform. A variety of communications technologies can be leveraged by the ZenEye Appliance.

The advanced cyber security feature relies on an operating system based on Linux and virtualisation that is utilised for various applications and enhanced security. Dual gigabit Ethernet ports allow the appliance to be located in OT and IT networks as necessary.

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ZenEye Appliance

Vernetzen’s ZenEye Appliance Server is an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) offering that supplies end-to-end monitoring of operations technology (OT) networks both locally and remotely.


The ZenEye Appliance is designed to
interface with remote ZenEye EndNodes in the field with monitoring software based on site or in the Cloud utilising Vernetzen’s IIoT technology solutions.


  • Enabler of IIoT as an interface between field instruments and monitoring tools.

  • Ideal for mining and utilities sectors such as network monitoring, environmental monitoring, asset management and smart water and power.

  • Data viewed using intuitive monitoring software.

  • Network monitoring capability, including ICS network security monitoring and reporting.

  • Support through Vernetzen’s ZenEye portal on request.

  • Secured application functionality with the use of encrypted protocols and integrated packet filtering firewall.

  • Custom designed platform to fit needs depending on applications and protocols.

ZenEye EndNode


Vernetzen’s ZenEye solution for network performance monitoring is designed to provide businesses with improved insight into their network’s capabilities.


ZenEye EndNodes are placed in strategic locations in the network to generate a comprehensive representation of the full network performance. The devices communicate with the ZenEye Appliance server to complete the ZenEye Solution.


  • Provides a report of actual network performance with configurable report intervals (i.e. Daily, hourly etc).

  • Provides an efficient troubleshooting method for customers and IT specialists.

  • Allows analysis of real network capacity and where infrastructure upgrades may be required.

  • Generic installation capability with Ethernet, WiFi, GPS, and 18-48 Vdc power.

  • LED status indicators for power and connectivity with the ZenEye appliance.

  • Customisable to suit needs of most industrial applications

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