From our inception, Vernetzen has intentionally focused on Industrial Networks and Cybersecurity. In Process Control Networks, the rapid adoption of IP-based Industrial Ethernet devices (over legacy bus-type Modbus and Profibus networks) specifically designed to support Operational Technology (OT) has been a game changer. Coupled with the meteoric rise of the Internet of Things (IIoT) the world of IT and OT has drawn even closer together. Vernetzen has a team consisting of a mix of traditional engineers, IT engineers and network engineers that provide the ideal spectrum of skill sets for providing Advice, Design, Training and Cybersecurity in the rapidy evolving OT environment.



Vernetzen has been engaged by some of the world's largest resource companies to assist them with their network strategy. Vernetzen utilises their own comprehensive blueprint for a modern industrial network that considers four key components:

  1. Backbone (Inter-site connectivity and Data Centre networks)

  2. People to Network (connectivity for end user devices, such as phones, PCs, laptops, tablets etc.)

  3. Vehicle to Network (connectivity for autonomous vehicles)

  4. Internet of Thing (emerging area of Industrial Internet of Things).

By leveraging this framework, Vernetzen is able to quickly assess an Organisation’s current capabilities and to develop their future roadmap. Judicious use of performance monitoring tool, workshops and surveys to move through the volume of data generated from the study also helps to expedite the process. This broad experience in networks means that we can also provide more specific Investigative and Planning assignments (e.g. Expert testimony and advice, Compliance with regulatory requirements, Risk assessments, Development of Concepts of Operation).


The emerging use of IoT devices holds great promise for more connected infrastructure, greater efficiency and safer working environments. This frontier is in its infancy and there are a plethora of devices and standards in existence. At the same time IP-based Industrial Ethernet devices will need to coexist with legacy bus-type (e.g. Modbus and Profibus) networks. So having a team of traditional engineers, process control engineers and  network engineers is especially critical for the design, development, deployment and support of OT solutions. Vernetzen can help you:

  • Assessing user requirements through consultation with the Customer

  • Developing a detailed design against the latest Cybersecurity standards

  • Using targeted RFIs / RFQs / RFPs for product and implementation services

  • Managing the tender evaluation and awards on behalf of the Customer.


Vernetzen provides variety of implementation approaches designed to meet your goals and requirements. With one of our partners, remotely, centrally or on-site, Vernetzen provides the flexibility designed to meet the needs of the world's most complex organizations. Our customers participate in detailed scoping exercises to ensure all requirements are captured and documented. We work closely with the customer to lay out plans to best meet their needs and solution requirements.  We want to ensure that your organization gets maximum value from the investment in Vernetzen Implementation Services.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

Industrial Cybersecurity incidents has been experiencing rapid growth that parallels the increased adoption of externally accessible networks in the Operational Technology (OT) domain.  While there has been increased awareness which has accelerated the adoption of cybersecurity approaches, the high complexity of OT cybersecurity has caused major concerns:

  • Incorrectly applied standards are common in industrial settings. This may include trying to apply IT best practice to OT environments, resulting in efficiency loss for very little gain.

  • While IT and OT convergence is happening at a rapid pace, the lack of personnel with skills across both IT and OT domains remains a major issue.

  • The rapid adoption of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices connected to production networks means that the need to protect these networks is higher than ever before. 

Vernetzen Technical Operations Centre and Analysis

Vernetzen’s Technical Operations Center (VTOC) is a distributed operations center based in Australia with a global focus on safety and production critical network and cybersecurity monitoring. Our analysts monitor, detect, and remediate network faults or cyber threats across your industrial network.

Our VTOC consolidates the critical tasks of network and cybersecurity monitoring, detecting and responding along with engineering, implementation and maintenance in order to effectively protect against external and internal threats. The VTOC brings together the diverse skills and experience required for IT/OT environments.

We integrate seamlessly into a support model that best suits your requirements and collaborate with site based resources to provide a complete level of support and ultimately increase total system availability.

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