Power and Data Infrastructure

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Network Distribution Boards

Infrastructure Supporting Networks

Power distribution is a critical component of industrial networks and is often forgotten in the design and budgetary planning. Despite this, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of low and extra-low Voltage devices needing connectivity, especially in the underground mines, such as; network switches, instruments, sensors, PLCs and cameras, which is leading to greater demand for these types of power feeds. Underground networks cannot be implemented successfully without implementing low and extra-low voltage power distribution.

Integrated Network Distribution Boards (INDB)

Vernetzen has developed the Integrated Network Distribution Board (INDB) to simplify the distribution of low and extra-low voltages that are the cornerstone of the connected underground mine. Stepping down high-voltage to low and extra-low voltage can be an expensive proposition. By strategically placing INDBs around the mine, devices can get access to the voltages and data they require in an organised way. And by separating the high-voltage from the low and extra-low voltages in different halves of the cabinet, safe access can be provided to those needing access to the network gear, without the need for in-demand high voltage electricians.

Network Distribution Boards (NDB)

The Network Distribution Board extends the low and extra-low voltage to strategic points around the mine. Each INDB can be daisy-chained with up to 5 x Network Distribution Boards (NDBs), using 100m Hybrid 2C Fibre + Copper. Each NDB contains Ethernet Network switches which can be connected to a number of IP accessible devices, limited by the number of available switch ports and power An NDB has been especially designed to work with one or more Vernetzen W-Fi over Coax (WoC) mini-headends

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