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Vernetzen: 2019 and Beyond

Coming off the back of an exciting 2018, Vernetzen will further invest in research and development of technologies in the Industrial Network and OT Cybersecurity fields..

Initial deployments and testing of these new networking technologies in underground mines have proven to deliver higher bandwidth, lower cost and much simpler deployments than alternative options currently available. These new technologies have attracted attention from leading Miners, Contractors and Global Mining Equipment companies interested in leveraging these new technologies to lower operational costs, improve safety and increase efficiency.

Vernetzen is committed to provide greater OT support in 2019 with a focus being placed heavily on providing managed Industrial Network and OT Cybersecurity services from our new Australian based Vernetzen Technical Operations Centre (VTOC). This centre unifies the multitude of traditional engineering, OT networking and IT skills required to properly support these demanding networks.

Vernetzen will be showcasing these new technologies and services at the upcoming Austmine: Mining Innovation: The Next Horizon conference in Brisbane May 21st to 23rd!

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