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Operational Technology Fundamental Course


The Operational Technology Fundamental Course provides a broad range of fundamental knowledge for OT careers. Through a combination of lecture and hands-on labs, you will acquire the skills necessary to install, operate, configure, and validate basic IPv4 and OT networks. The curriculum includes instruction on configuring network components like switches, WoCs, Wireless AP, and Veto, as well as managing network devices and recognizing fundamental security threats.



Target Audience:

Any IT Staff looking to start a career in Operational Technology or a Technician, Planner, Operational Team, and Cyber Security Specialist.



After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Understanding high level of network topologies.

  • Understanding of LANs and the role of switches within LANs.

  • Understanding of Ethernet as the network access layer of TCP/IP and Understanding of the operation of switches.

  • Install a switch and perform the initial configuration.

  • Understanding of the TCP/IP internet Layer, IPv4, its addressing scheme, and subnetting.

  • Implement basic configuration on a WoC.

  • Identify and resolve common switched network issues and common problems associated with IPv4 addressing.

  • Understanding of, implementing, and verifying VLANs and trunks.

  • Understanding of the concepts of wireless networks, which types of wireless networks can be built.

  • Understanding of the basic QoS concepts

  • Understanding of Effective PoE power budgeting to prevent overloading of PoE switches.

  • Understanding of the best OT practices.

  • Implement a basic security configuration of the device management plane.




Attendees should meet the following prerequisites:

  • Basic computer literacy

  • Basic PC operating system navigation skills

  • Basic internet usage skills

  • Basic IP address knowledge

  • Must have knowledge of OT Foundation course.

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