Vernetzen's Culture and Values


Key to everything we do and stand for

Our business puts people and safety first.

We do not, will not tolerate unsafe practices or behaviour

Common-sense, uncomplicated safety approach, we follow the golden rules

Thinking and acting safety 24-7, 365 at home and at work

Taking care of our own, partners and our customer, before we pick up a tool.

Deep safety thread integrates through all of our Values, Products and Outcomes

Vernetzen principles care equally for the mental, as for people’s physical safety

Everyone here is trusted to call each other out, to provide safer working environments for teams and consistently improve on our customer’s safety and productivity…every single day.


End of the Line Innovation | Out-of-the Box Thinking

Working smart, solution-focused and planning for success

Going where others won’t, to make things work - other companies may walk away from failure, but to us this is energising  

We identify, understand our customers problems - there’s no “it can’t be done” around here 

Challenge the status quo for our client; fix their problems, find and deliver better ways (innovation, safety, connectivity, efficiencies and cost savings)    

Celebrating our ideas; creating what hasn’t been created before

Driving deep internal innovation helps us to retain our own genius team.


Forming and Storming Teams 

We thrive in environments of encouragement and competitive spirit

Stronger together - we have each other’s’ back.

Agile, we pivot quickly to do things our customers and stakeholders expect of us

No org chart required, flat structure, results driven and totally focused, our team understands what their role is, why they are here 

Accept our Failures equally to our Successes 

Curious and challenging the status quo, we welcome, listen and accept constructive criticism bravely; treating it as a chance to learn

Every idea is a good idea; and fear won’t help us to capitalise on these.  

Seek forgiveness and not always permission


New day, and the chance to improve on what we do

We own our decisions, commitment and actions

“100% Responsibility, 0% Excuses”

Dedicated to getting the job done right the first time

Accountability, responsibility while we strive for high quality and the excellence/ results/ outcomes our clients expect

We co-operate and  co-ordinate to the common goal (…not own agendas)

Crystal clear focus upon what matters the most - eliminate the roadblocks and handbrakes

Respond quickly to changing business and stakeholder needs

Most practical, realistic way of doing things

Ask the right questions of the right people.


Putting ourselves in other’s shoes.

Our culture is centred upon well-being, growth, family values and collaboration.

Vernetzen demonstrates our teams are valued by recognising, praising and rewarding top effort

Conflicting priorities resolved openly, constructively

We recognise, identify and complement great work in others

Valuing all opinions – we will not undermine decisions

Encourage inclusiveness/diversity of opinion in the decision-making process - every person’s opinion taken seriously, regardless of gender, race or religion or lifestyle

We mind our language in exchanges with team, clients or others 

Argue the problem, not the person

Appreciate the capabilities of our colleagues (…and their constraints) – we will not set them up for failure

A problem shared is a problem halved.


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